Drain Installation Services in Columbia and Mid-Missouri

A-1 Foundation Solutions provides foundation drain installation throughout Columbia, and Mid-Missouri. When water collects around your home, it can cause damage to your foundation. We offer several solutions to prevent this from happening. If you have water collecting around your home, our experts can help you find the best solution for your home. These solutions include french drains, sump pump installations, and interior / exterior drain tile systems.

What is Wrong with Your Home?

  • Pooling Water Near House
  • Wet Basement

Services We Offer

Interior Drain Installation

  • Interior Drain Tile System
  • Sump Pump

Exterior Drain Installation

  • French Drain

Interior Drain Installation

If you have noticed flooding in your basement and exterior waterproofing is not a viable option, an interior drainage system will help prevent more flooding and further water damage. It’s important to not ignore these issues.

An interior basement drainage system will include an interior drain tile system, which can catch water after it enters your basement. A sump pump, that is a part of the tile system, removes the captured water from your home.

Exterior Drain Installation

Exterior drain installation involves installing a French drain in low-lying areas of your home’s yard to redirect water away from the basement. When combined with exterior waterproofing, French drain systems provide excellent protection against basement and crawl space flooding.

The complexity of an exterior drain installation for your house depends on the size of your home, and the type of drainage system your home needs.

If you are searching for exterior french drain installers, we can help! A-1 Foundation Solutions can provide you with a free estimate and consultation at your home before starting work so you know you are choosing the best exterior drain installation company in Central Missouri!

Sump Pump Services in Mid-Missouri

A sump pump is a device used to remove unwanted water and is often installed at the lowest point of your home. This may be a basement or crawl space. A sump pump does not actively run most of the time. Although, when it starts to rain heavily – it jumps into action! It will redirect excess groundwater to an area away from your home rather than allowing it to flood your home’s lower levels.

Advantages of Having a Sump Pump

Water damage can come in many forms: peeling paint, harm to appliances, and so much more. Having to deal with multiple instances of these issues can be stressful and time-consuming. Such damages could even reduce the overall value of your home. Sump pumps are worth the investment because you could save both money and your home’s wellbeing in the long-term. This device, along with a french drain, can act as additional flood insurance.

Having an emergency?

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