Foundation Repair in Columbia and Mid-Missouri

If you have a leaky basement or you notice multiple cracks along the exterior walls of your home, you may need foundation repair.

It is very important to fix issues before they become an expensive and harmful mess. Make the necessary repairs now to avoid more costly repairs later on. From tiebacks to helical pier installation, we can help save your home. You can trust the experts at A1 Foundation Solutions. We offer many services including foundation crack repair in Columbia, MO.

Foundation Warning Signs

If you are concerned that you are facing foundation issues or anticipate future issues, below are some signs that may indicate you have a foundation issue in your house.

Oftentimes, only a professional can tell whether there is an immediate need to resolve a foundation problem. Reach out to our team for a free estimate.

Helical Pier Installation

We are foundation contractors that specialize in helical pier installation. With our skills and expertise, we can fix any foundation problem, so you can enjoy living in a safe and stable, dry home.

What Are Helical Piers Used For?

Helical piers, also known as anchors or screw piles — provide foundation stabilization. Helical piers are steel pipes with screw-like plates at one end. These “screws” are drilled into soil to pull the pier into place. They are used to stabilize or lift the foundation of your home.

Benefits of Helical Piers

  • Flexible. These piers can be used for light or heavy loads.
  • Quick Installation. We can have your foundation issues fixed in a jiff.
  • Small footprint. This option requires less soil disturbance allowing for a faster clean-up.

Frequently Asked Questions about Helical Piers

Foundation piers are structural supports installed beneath a building to provide stability and prevent further settlement or sinking.

Signs of a failing foundation include cracks in the foundation, walls, and floors, uneven or sloping floors, and doors or windows that stick or won’t close properly.

There are several types of piers, including concrete piers, steel piers, helical piers, and push piers. The choice depends on your specific needs and soil conditions. In mid-Missouri we primarily use helical piers.

Yes, properly installed foundation piers can stabilize your foundation, preventing further settling and minimizing the risk of additional structural damage.

The time required for pier installation varies based on factors like the type of piers, the size of the project, and soil conditions. In many cases, it can be completed in a few days to a week.

Tiebacks or Wall Anchors

Tiebacks, also known as wall anchors, offer a solution for wall stabilization. Rods like these are commonly used to stabilize and straighten bowed basement walls ‌or‌ ‌retaining‌ ‌walls.

A‌ ‌tieback‌ ‌consists of a bracket attached to the basement wall, a rod extending from the wall, and an anchor buried in the ground. We take extra precautions to carve out a large trench. Concrete is poured into the trench to hold the anchor in place and support your home. After the work is completed, the area is then covered with soil, sod, and seeds to make sure it looks ‌the‌ ‌same‌ ‌as‌ ‌it‌ ‌did‌ ‌before.

Frequently Asked Questions about Tiebacks

Foundation tiebacks are structural elements used to stabilize and strengthen foundations that are leaning, bowing, or experiencing lateral movement.

Signs that you may need foundation tiebacks include visible cracks in foundation walls, leaning or bowing walls, and difficulties in opening or closing doors and windows.

Once installed, foundation tiebacks need zero maintenance and provide long-term stability to your foundation without the need for regular adjustments.

Foundation tiebacks are an effective solution for stabilizing and preventing further movement in failing foundation walls, but they may not reverse structural damage.

The time required for foundation tieback installation varies depending on the extent of the foundation wall issues. It can typically take a few days to a week.

Exterior or Interior Cracked Wall Repair in Mid-Missouri

How Does Cracked Exterior or Interior Wall Repair Work?

Homeowners should never neglect cracks in exterior walls. These cracks allow water, insects, dirt, and debris to enter your home.

Our knowledgeable team of contractors can repair almost any cracked wall. If the wall is damaged beyond repair, we provide wall replacement services as well. Sealing can be a bandaid and not a long-term solution. Because of that, we suggest fixing the problem by repairing cracks with tiebacks or waterproofing efforts.

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Foundation Wall Replacements

Sometimes a foundation wall may be damaged beyond repair. Wall replacement can be costly, so it is typically a last-resort option. The process can also be time-consuming. The area of wall replacement will need to be excavated and scaffolding will be installed before the existing wall will be removed and discarded. Once that is completed, the new wall will be formed and reinforced. It’s time for concrete to be poured! After the concrete has properly cured, the forms can be removed to reveal your new wall and the scaffolding can be disassembled to allow the wall to bear the weight of your home again.

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